New York, NY — Real estate developer DMG Investments and its signature properties, One Park and Auden Living, have announced donations of masks to help communities and first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic. In an effort to help support the communities where mask shortages are threatening hospitals, first responders and residents, DMG Investments has begun distributing masks to all healthcare facilities within a five-miles radius of each of their properties.

DMG’s One Park luxury condo development in Cliffside Park, NJ has donated masks to the Cliffside Park police and fire stations as well as urgent care clinics in New Jersey and New York. They have also provided a box of masks to each tenant in the One Park development.

The firm’s Auden Living line comprises student housing developments in Ithaca, NY; Albany, NY; Spartanburg, SC; and Houston, TX. In those cities, Auden has begun distributing boxes of masks to all hospitals and healthcare clinics within a 5 mile radius. Masks have also been provided to the properties’ student populations.

As COVID-19 continues to impact an increasing number of residents and healthcare providers across the US, DMG Investments remains focused on using its resources to support the local communities it has helped foster.

About DMG Investments

Headquartered in New York City at 100 Wall Street, DMG Investments LLC (“DMG”) was established in 2013.

DMG focuses on real estate acquisitions, development and management as well as financing. Leveraging the expertise of a team of dedicated real estate professionals with decades of experience creating and adding value for investors, DMG has amassed a portfolio of best-in-class assets across the US in dynamic markets in New York, New Jersey, Texas, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and South Carolina.

As the portfolio continues to grow, DMG is dedicated to providing amenities and services that enhance the livability of each project be it in the student housing, traditional multifamily or condominium sector. In the years to come, the goal of DMG is to become a global real estate enterprise with a world-class reputation for sustainable development and a business philosophy that emphasizes the importance of delivering value for investors, owners and residents.